An inaugural event developed in coordination with the U.S. Space Force's Space Systems Command.
Space Mobility will mobilize commercial industry executives and high-ranking officials from state and government agencies to assure access and superiority in the highly contested space domain.

Maj. Gen. Stephen Purdy Makes Clear the Mission of Space Mobility Conference

“The Space Mobility Conference is NOT an industry day. It is about showcasing how Space Systems Command’s Assured Access to Space Directorate drives the Space Mobility mission for the U.S. Space Force, and the game-changing nature of this mission to the warfighter.

Attendees can expect an engaging event that dives deep into space mobility challenges and exploring how government and industry will solve those challenges through innovation in the space mobility arena.”

– Major General (Sel) Stephen Purdy, USSF Assured Access to Space Program Executive Officer


Space Mobility is an important component of Space Systems Command’s efforts to bridge the gap between military buyers and new space companies. Commercial innovation is outpacing the demand signal from government, and we need to identify and secure the technologies that will fulfil our modern-day warfare needs.

SpaceCom has built a well-established, international constituency and has become the influential force for connecting government agencies with commercial experts. By partnering with SpaceCom, Space Mobility can access this target-rich, pre-developed community.

Conference Tracks

The Space Mobility Conference program will cover national service-based infrastructure needs for spaceports, launches and on-orbit maneuvering as they relate to our national defense strategies. In these discussions other themes will be prevalent such as:

  • Space Access as it Relates to Spaceports
  • Space Vehicle Adaptation
  • Rapid Delivery & Rocket Cargo
  • On-Orbit Servicing
  • Orbital Debris
  • And More

Space Access

Rapid Delivery

Orbital Resiliency

Who Attends

government Attending

Federal and civil agencies seeking prime contractors from the commercial sector to fulfill their government contracts and space projects.

industry attending

Prime aerospace contractors in attendance include:

Board of advisors

Maj. Gen. Stephen Purdy, USSF

Space Systems Command

Maj. Gen. Stephen Purdy

Program Executive Officer, Assured Access to Space, Commander, Space Launch Delta 45, Director, Eastern Range, Director of Launch and Range Operations, Space Systems Command

Col. Jim Horne, USSF

Space Systems Command

Col. Jim Horne, USSF

Deputy Director of Operations, Space Systems Command

Lt. Col. Leon Killings, USSF

Space Systems Command

Lt. Col. Leon Killings, USSF

Division Chief, Rapid Payload Delivery, Space Systems Command

Brig. Gen. Steve “Bucky” Butow

Defense Innovation Unit

Brig. Gen. Steve “Bucky” Butow

Director, Defense Innovation Unit

Ryan Brown

Executive Director, SpaceCom

Ryan Brown

Executive Director, SpaceCom

Rich Lamb

The Aerospace Corporation

Rich Lamb

Systems Director, The Aerospace Corporation

Col. Meredith Beg, USSF

Space Systems Command

Col. Meredith Beg, USSF

Deputy Director of Operations, Servicing & Maneuver, Space Systems Command


Shared with

SpaceCom | Space Congress

The exhibit hall will include hundreds of global solution providers showcasing their emerging innovations and dual-use technologies that can be applied to the defense arsenal.

Networking and Special Events

The co-location of Space Mobility with SpaceCom | Space Congress and the Global Spaceport Alliance Spaceport Summit will bring together the entire ecosystem of space ventures.

Bringing together space and government agencies, prime commercial space companies, military and intelligence organizations, start-up organizations, investors and beyond creates an environment that inherently fosters the conversations that turn into action.

Join the entire space ecosystem at the Welcome Reception on Tuesday, immediately following the conference program.

Space Mobility attendees also have access to the SpaceCom | Space Congress Expo happening Tuesday, February 21 – Thursday, February 23.

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